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Sci Art Bloggers

I have seen blog alliances set up for many groups. Here are some examples:

The Progressive Blog Alliance
Badger Blog Alliance
Alliance of Free Blogs
Dakota Blog Alliance
LGBT Blog Alliance
The Big Brass Alliance
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
Old Dominion Blog Alliance
Blogs for Bush
Blogs for McCain's Opponent

You can see that in the above sampling you have 4 political, 3 locality, 2 specialty alliances and 1 alliance whose goal is to replace Instapundit as the biggest thing in the blogosphere by means of links, hits, and humor, thereby helping Alliance members evolve upward through the Ecosystem.

I couldn't find any alliance that I felt comfortable joining, so I decided to start an alliance that will benefit the many unique blogs out there that combine science and art.

The Sci-Art Bloggers Alliance is one way to get your blog "‘out there,"’ where others that share similar interests can find your blog.

Interested? Here'’s the deal:


Sci-Art Bloggers is a loose association of bloggers for whom blogging is a labor of love and the topic of the blog remotely connects science and art.

While I love fractal art I wish this alliance to be broader than just fractals. Niche Photoblogs covering nature, urban, food etc.. would be nice additions. Anyone that finds art in science is welcome. Beautiful art can be found in the natural, physical, culinary, urban, social sciences etc...


To allow amateur bloggers to provide support (both moral and traffic related) to one another.

Membership Requirements

I) To be eligible to become a Sci-Art Blogger one must
  1. Have a blog, I will not allow pure "store fronts" in the alliance.
  2. Keep that blog relatively family-friendly (PG-13 ok).
II) Each member will maintain a Sci-Art blogroll using the Blogrolling code found in the tech section below which will display the 20 most recently updated Sci-Art blogs. Each member will also link back to Sci-Art using one of the buttons below or a button of your own design.

Cool Stuff

Aside from the obvious benefits of joining Sci-Art Bloggers (lots of links) I will feature the "Weekly Best Of" where any of you may email me the link to your favorite posting for the week(or whenever).

Sci-Art Bloggers Friday Favorites

Sound good? Send me an email and join Sci-Art Bloggers!

Tech Section

1) Hotlinking With The Sci-Art Bloggers Button

Feel free to choose your favorite button to hotlink from or create one of your own and send it to me and I will host it here for all to use.

120x60, 3.4KB

120x60, 3.7KB

120x60, 4.0KB

120x60, 3.0KB

120x60, 3.3KB

120x60, 3.5KB

The below were created online @ Cool Text, you can create your own in seconds.

114x19, 4.4KB

114x19, 4.4KB

114x19, 4.4KB

114x19, 4.4KB

114x19, 4.4KB

114x19, 4.4KB

The below were created online @ Adam Kalsey's Button Maker, you can create your own in seconds.

80x15, 0.3KB

80x15, 0.3KB

80x15, 0.3KB

The below is an example using the javascript blogroll code, modify as required for your blog.

This code will place the Sci-Art Button at the bottom of the blogroll:

This code uses this Sci-Art Bloggers Button. If you want to choose another style just replace this image with the one you want to replace it with.

Also use whatever header code is appropriate for your sidebar, "h2" is just my example. Also the "br"s are just forced line breaks add or remove as needed.

2) Blogrolling Javascript And Other Code

If you have experience and require other then the javascript here is info on other code that you can use to retrieve the blogroll.

We also ask that each member maintain a list of fellow Sci-Art Bloggers using one of the following code methods (use the method best suited for your blog) :

Java Script (easiest for most blogs)




This Blogrolling account is set up to show only the 20 most recently updated blogs. In theory, each time you publish a post on your blog you should be moved to the top of the list automatically. However, some blog services seem to not ping Blogrolling upon publishing. If you experience this problem you can manually ping using this form.

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Sci-Art celebrates artists, scientists, web sites and blogs that dare to feature that blurry edge where art and science become one. Each week I will be selecting a Sci-Art "Site of the Week" along with other tidbits from the world of artsy science.

If you would like to suggest a Site of the Week for me to feature please click the link and email it my way. I am also hosting a Sci-Art blog/site alliance if your interested let me know.

Copyright Notice

The documents distributed here have been presented on this blog in the spirit of providing an entertaining venue to educate those interested in the Art of Science.

All photos are presented here via Flckr's "blog this" feature. This feature is enabled or disabled by each artist on Flckr. If you find material here that belongs to you and you would like to have it removed or credited please contact me and I will gladly follow your wishes.

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